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Big Game Hunting in Washakie Wilderness
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Top Quality, Fully Guided Trophy Hunting

Top Quality, Fully Guided Trophy Hunting at Boulder Basin Outfitters Cody WY
Hunting for big game wildlife deep in the mountains of Northwest Wyoming on horseback for days on end is an exhilarating experience unlike any other. Boulder Basin Outfitters has been providing hunters the opportunity to track down and hunt elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, bears, and more in the mountains of Cody, WY, for three generations. Elk hunting is our most popular option and is what many of our hunters win awards for.

The memories made on the hunts are long-lasting and make every step of the journey well worth it. We also offer fishing pack trips, where we take you to the best fishing lakes and rivers in the Washakie and Bridger-Teton wilderness. Contact us today to start planning your once-in-a-lifetime hunting adventure.

Many Factors Affect Our Rates

Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is one of our specialties at Boulder Basin Outfitters! We offer archery and rifle hunts from our wilderness base camp. We access the camp and hunt on horseback, allowing us to cover more ground in the backcountry. The strong number of resident elks combined with the migration, we experience high success on five and six-point bulls. Many of our hunters have received awards for harvesting some of the biggest bulls in Wyoming!

Archery Elk Hunts

We offer three and seven-day archery hunts in September during the peak of the rut. We typically have four hunters every week. These hunts are always the trip of a lifetime with a mix of excitement and challenge. At Boulder Basin, we work hard to provide a great experience and hunt, with a success rate of 90% opportunity and a 33% kill rate on mature bulls.

Rifle Elk Hunts

Our rifle elk hunts are three or seven-day hunts from our wilderness tent camp during the general season in October. Our hunters experience an 85% success rate on mature five and six-point bulls due to the heavy number of resident elk and the migration during that time. We usually have six hunters per week in camp, and it’s always a fun time!

Late Season Bull Elk Hunts

In November and December, we offer late-season bull elk hunts. It’s one of the most sought-after hunting licenses in the western United States. Our hunters get to experience trophy bull elk hunts in many of the top locations of Northwest Wyoming from our wilderness base camp on horseback. The location depends on where the hunters draw their licenses. It’s on these hunts that hunters often harvest the largest bull elk and win awards!

Mule Deer Hunting

Mule deer hunting is offered from our ranch house and our wilderness camp. Hunts are done on horseback and take us to the migration areas and winter ranges where the mule deer are typically found. Boulder Basin hunters have a high success rate on four and five-point bucks, with average scores of 150 inches and up. We offer five-day hunts in late October and early November, depending on the dates Game and Fish determine. If you have a license for elk or antelope, we offer combo hunts as well!

Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Bighorn sheep tags are difficult to draw; therefore, we are committed to helping you find a top-tier ram. We try to scout the areas where rams are typically found, and the hunts are 10 days in total – one day in and out on horseback and eight full days of hunting. Longer trips can be arranged if desired. Although on horseback, these hunts are still physically demanding, so keep that in mind when preparing for your trip. We hunt in areas one through five and from spike camps that include an experienced guide, a wrangler/cook, tents, and a cook fly.

Antelope Hunting

Antelope hunting is exciting for hunters of all ages and abilities, and it’s available in many areas throughout Wyoming, on both public and private land. It offers a high success rate and an overall good time! Archery and rifle hunting are available in September and October.

Moose & Mountain Goat Hunting

Moose and mountain goat hunting is available with Boulder Basin Outfitters as well! For more information on hunting moose or mountain goats, please contact us.  You may view our rates here.

Black Bear & Wolf Hunting

Bear Hunts

Our bear hunts are usually done from our wilderness camp, and they are often seven-day hunts. Spring archery is from April 15th – 30th, and spring rifle is from May 1st – June 15th. A fall hunt is available and can be combined with an elk hunt for an additional $500. Baiting is not permitted due to grizzly bear regulations therefore, we use the sight and stalk method.

Wolf Hunts

Wolf hunts are from October through December, depending on the harvest quota per area. They can be added to an elk hunt for an additional $500 if the hunter is interested and has an elk license. Please contact us for more information regarding our wolf hunts.

Licenses are Required for All Hunts

Contact Us to Discuss the License You Need

Cody, WY Has a Lot To Offer

Interested in Setting Up a Hunt?

Meat Processing

There are several options to consider for your harvested meat. If you drive, you may bring coolers and choose to take your meat back with you. This will save you money on shipping. If you fly, you will need to have a local meat processor process and have your meat shipped to you. Please understand they typically are unable to rush orders due to the high volume of customers they take care of during hunting season.

Some local processors include:

Wapiti Valley Meats



Many states are requiring animal skulls to be cleaned and free of all brain, spinal tissue, and flesh due to CWD regulations when entering other states. Please check with your state’s regulations. If you drive and choose to take your head back with you, you should consider cleaning it before departure. You can also leave your skull with a local taxidermist, and they will prepare it to your specifications and ship it to you. There are several taxidermists in the area. We have used Nature’s Design for years and highly recommend them.

Nature’s Design Taxidermy

Suggested Hunting Gear List

  • Hunting license: please also bring a picture I. D. with you.
  • Conservation stamp: can be purchased locally when you arrive.
  • Rifle: 30.06, .270, .280, .300 Winchester Magnum, & 7mm Magnum. We don’t like automatics. Practice shooting as much as possible before your hunt. If possible, site in at 200 – 300 yards.
  • Ammo: three boxes are plenty. If you think you need more, spend more time at the shooting range.
  • Sleeping bag & pillow: We like the Hallo-fill type. Down is good. We furnish cots and foam pads. (Not necessary for the ranch hunts.)
  • Field glasses: 7×35 or more powerful.
  • Pocket knife and hunting knife.
  • Hat: for protection and warmth.
  • Alarm clock
  • Small flashlight
  • Camera
  • Shirts: two wool and two cotton.
  • Socks: four heavy and four light.
  • Toilet kit: include chapstick & sunscreen.
  • Handkerchief
  • Coat: one light jacket and one heavy coat.
  • Sunglasses
  • Zippo lighter
  • Liquor: we don’t do any heavy drinking, but an evening drink goes well after a hard day hunting.
  • Flash orange
  • Boots: waterproof hunting boots and cowboy boots.
  • Gloves: one leather pair and a couple of pairs of cotton work gloves.
  • Moccasins: or comfortable shoes to wear around camp.
  • Pants: blue jeans or wool pants.
  • Long underwear: two pairs.
  • Plastic bag: handy to have for dirty clothes.
  • Duffle bag: army style or side zipper type is best. We prefer to see two 50-pound duffle bags rather than one large bag.
  • Towel & washcloth
  • Pen: to sign a game tag in the field.
  • Water bottle
  • Game bags
  • Bear spray: This will have to be bought in Cody if you are flying, as it is a forbidden substance on a plane.
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Important Information (Please Read!)

Our elk camps are booked three to four years in advance. If you are interested in a hunt, please contact us to discuss dates, pay your deposit, and submit your reservation form. If you wait to obtain a license before calling us, we will probably be fully booked by then. If you book a spot with us for elk, deer, or antelope, you MUST purchase preference points to ensure you will draw the year you have secured a spot with your deposit. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help, and we will instruct you on how to do this. A minimum of four points for general season elk, one point for deer, and five points for antelope are required.

Liability Waiver/Acknowledgment of Risk

A liability waiver/acknowledgment of risk will be mailed/emailed to you once you book your trip. This must be filled out and returned prior to going on your trip. Please read our refund policy before booking.


We will do your application for you via the Game & Fish portal online. This assures us that the application is completed correctly and submitted by the deadline. We will contact you to do your license application over the phone. Elk license applications are accepted in the month of January only. Draw results will be available via the website on May 21st. Preference points only may be purchased via the website from July 1st – October 31st.

Application Deadlines & Prices

  • Elk: January 1st – January 31st
    • Bull: $1283
    • Cow: $303
  • Deer: January 1st – May 31st
    • $677
  • Antelope: January 1st – May 31st
    • $629
  • Moose: January 1st – February 28th
    • $1997
  • Bighorn sheep: January 1st – February 28th
    • $2335
  • Mountain goat: January 1st – February 28th
    • $2177

Preference points only: may be purchased July 1st – October 31st
2023 nonresident special license fees

Note: these prices do NOT include preference points.

Preference Points

A minimum of four preference points is required to hunt with Boulder Basin Outfitters, and you may purchase one preference point per year between July 1st and October 31st. If you do not do this, you will not have a chance to draw a license for any animal. Please contact us for assistance.

What to Expect

Our hunting camp consists of a 16’ x 40’ tent where hunters eat and socialize. The sleeping tents are 10’ x 12’ tents with cots and a wood stove. We have a cook to prepare buffet-style meals, and a large fly protects us from the occasional rain shower. The camp also has a latrine, a solar shower, and camp chairs. All traveling and hunting are done on horseback as it helps us to travel through the mountains, across rivers, and overall further distances. It would be beneficial to take a lesson or two before your hunt to get comfortable with riding.


You will need to arrive in Cody, WY, the day before your trip starts. There are many hotels in Cody with competitive rates. Our guests have enjoyed The Irma Hotel, as well as The Holiday Inn. These hotels are conveniently located in downtown Cody and are within walking distance of restaurants and shops in town. There are multiple other lodging options to suit your needs. Visit https://www.codychamber.org/lodging/ for a complete list of lodging in the area.
The closest airport is Yellowstone Regional Airport, located in Cody. United Airlines is the air carrier that provides flights in and out of Cody, with a variety of flight times throughout the day and week. Also located at the airport are several car rental agencies for your convenience.

Ready to Plan Your Trip?

Schedule your hunt today! Contact us at 307-587-3404.

Boulder Basin Outfitters, Inc is a permittee of Shoshone and Bridger-Teton National Forest, under permit number WAP-522, and Yellowstone National Park, permit number CC-YELL107-16. Wyoming Outfitter # BG164 We operate under a special use permit in the Shoshone and Bridger Teton National Forests of Wyoming.