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Wyoming Camps and Information

foto_18In the Shoshone National Forest, our wilderness hunting camp is nestled down in Boulder Basin along Boulder Creek at approximately 8500 feet. Stay in canvas tents with wood stoves, cots & foam pads during your hunt. Dine in the comfort of our 12X24 dinning tent with dinning tables and the camaraderie of fellow hunters and guides. Our chef prepares first class meals served family style.
Weather in September can vary from warm days of 60’s to the evenings dropping down into the 30’s with possibilities of rain and snow showers at any time. In October temperatures range from the 50’s to the teens with increasing chances of snow as the month progresses. November temperatures range from the 30’s down to zero with snow conditions.


Tipping has been a tradition since the 1800’s. Tips are very much appreciated by the guides, cooks, and wranglers for a job well done. We expect our guides, cooks, and wranglers to work hard and take care of the client; however, we can not say how individuals will get along. We believe that our job is not done until the meat is at the processor and you have been introduced to the taxidermist. At this time you can decide how much you wish to tip your guide. Years ago an average tip was $100; now the average is somewhere above $400. Each hunter will have to decide upon the amount based on his own experience and financial abilities. This is not a subject we like to discuss as we feel this is your decision. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.


foto_19You will need to arrive in Cody the day before your hunt starts and depart the day after your hunt ends. You may choose to stay longer to enjoy some of the fine attractions Cody has to offer. Some motels have shuttle services from the airport but you should check this when you make your reservations. For a more personal touch, we are more than happy to meet you at the airport and take you to your motel.

We recommend the Holiday Inn – (307) 587-5555. If you let them know you are hunting with a local Outfitter, they offer Hunter discounts. Another nice choice is the Irma Hotel (307) 587-4221

The closest airport is Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody with United and Delta/Skywest Airlines. They have several car rental agencies there.

Meat Processing

We recommend:

Zero Box – (307) 587-4662
for meat Processing as they are the only meat processor in the area that takes game meat at this time. We have been very happy with their service and they offer a wide variety of sausages, salami and meat sticks as well as top quality service.


We strongly recommend:

Nature’s Design Taxidermy by Ray Hatfield
(307) 527-6053
We feel that you will be happy with his professional services and timely turnaround.


Upon arriving in Cody or before departing, visit some of Cody’s world-famous attractions.
* Yellowstone National Park
* Buffalo Bill Historical Center
* World famous Cody Night Rodeo
* Old Trail Town
* Horse-drawn carriage rides through downtown Cody
* Cody Gun Fighters at the Irma Hotel

More Resources

* Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association
* Wyoming State Board of Outfitters
* Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, Wyoming
* Billings Logan International Airport in Billings, Montana
* Cody Chamber of Commerce
* West Park Hospital
* Park County Travel Council
* Cody Enterprise
* – Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association #139395

For more information, forms and applications, visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Website.